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Please see our sample course for an example of our product. The courses will scale and render correctly to your specific device including; Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop


Our online technical training courses include EWIS, Fuel Tank Safety and Human Factors course. The courses can be brought individually or as a package at a discounted price

Aircraft General Familiarsation Courses

Our aircraft online General Familiarsation courses are produced to ATA 104 Level 1 knowledge requirements. We have many types, including Airbus, Boeing and ATR types. We are adding new types all the time

Technical Refresher Courses

Providing refresher/continuation training of all aircraft systems to enable compliance with EASA’s 145.A.35 and FAA’s 145.163 adequate knowledge and recurrent training

Trans Global Training – Aviation Training Courses

Trans Global Training is an international aviation training company providing ONLINE AIRCRAFT TYPE TECHNICAL REFRESHER and GENERAL FAMILIARISATION courses to industry professionals including licensed aircraft engineers quality managers, technicians and technical support staff.

Our company is owned, staffed and run by experienced industry professionals.


Our accountable manager has over 35 years experience in the aviation industry, and held posts including licensed aircraft engineer, MOE post holder (chief station engineer) and EASA B1 and B2 part 147 instructor.


Our training and quality manager has over 40 years experience in the aviation industry, starting off as an avionics engineer and progressing onto being a military fast jet pilot, before proceeding into engineering training and becoming both a B1/B2 type instructor and a Form 4 post holder in a number of EASA Part 147 training companies.

Our engineer refresher and general familiarisation courses are specifically designed to meet the requirements of a Quality Manager’s obligations to be in compliance with local NAA regulations with respect to adequate aircraft type knowledge, in particular we provide an acceptable means of compliance to EASA:


• EASA 145.A.30 Personnel requirements paragraph (e)
• EASA 145.A.35 Certifying staff and support staff paragraph (a), (d), (e), (i), (j), (n) and (o)
• FAA 145.163 Continuation training for technical staff

Experienced industry professionals

Our Accountable Manager and Training Manager have a combined aviation industry experience of 80+ years

Courses designed specifically for today’s media devices

Online courses developed to scale perfectly on any PC, MAC, smartphone or tablet

Ultimate portability - do anywhere

Our courseware can be completed on any device, anywhere, with internet access

Professionally crafted online courses

Our courses have clear concise text and professionally created colour graphics to make the complex logical

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Professional Training & Consultation
for Aviation Professionals

Our Courses Scale Perfectly To Your Smartphone, Tablet Or PC…

…allowing you to study anywhere, anytime!

Providing Services

Our Refresher Courses are designed to provide an excellent way to maintain recency and currency on aircraft types using any multimedia device and our General Familiarisation Courses provide ‘A’ licence systems knowledge development for mechanics, engineers and support staff. We cover all the aircraft systems to provide you with the knowledge you need and inform you of any relevant maintenance information regarding a specific aircraft type.

Limitless Opportunities

Our courses are designed to satisfy your Quality Department that your aircraft type knowledge is current and proficient to regain, maintain or gain your company approval.

Information for Quality Managers, we provide…

Certificates & Approvals

Ease of proving personnel currency

Technical Training

In depth aviation technical courses

Regulatory Compliance

Documented proof of engineer recency

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you further

Our mission is to provide you and the aviation industry with outstanding technical training to maintain and enhance the highest safety standards our industry is known for.