EWIS, FTS & HF Courses
Our Human Factors, EWIS and Fuel Tank Safety courses comply with EASA, FAA and UK CAA standards.

Our Human Factors complies with EASA AMC 2 145.A.30(e).
EWIS course complies with EASA AMC 20-21 &AMC 20-22 and FAR 25, Subpart H—Electrical Wiring Interconnection Systems (EWIS)
Fuel Tank Safety Phase 1 & 2 are produced IAW EASA rule Annex 1 to Decision 2009/006/R Appendix XII to AMC to M.A.706(f) and M.B.102(c). The course follows EASA Document EASA ED 2009/007/R issued in March 2009 and FAA AC 120-97A regulations.