Bombardier Familiarisation Courses

Bombardier General Familiarisation Courses – Gen Fam

Welcome to Trans Global Training, in collaboration with Ikaros Aviation Training, an EASA approved Part 147 organization. We offer premier Bombardier General Familiarisation Courses, empowering aviation professionals to excel in their careers and enhance industry safety and success.


Tailored Course Offerings

Our courses provide an in-depth understanding of Bombardier aircraft systems, meeting ATA 104 Level 1, EASA Part 66 Level 1, EASA regulation 145.A.35, and FAA 145.163 requirements. This makes them suitable for various technical staff, including engineers, technicians, mechanics, and technical services personnel. In partnership with Ikaros Aviation Training, students can receive Part 147 certificates of completion upon successful course completion, for a small additional fee. Please contact us for details.


Expertly Developed Content

Developed by experienced aviation professionals, our courses deliver practical and relevant content, ensuring a solid foundation in Bombardier systems. We stay current with the latest innovations in aviation technology, keeping students well-versed in industry advancements.


Online Learning Convenience

Our online Bombardier General Familiarisation Courses offer convenience and efficiency for aviation professionals seeking knowledge expansion. Satisfying EASA Part 145.A.35 requirements, our courses ensure certifying and support staff have an adequate understanding of relevant Bombardier systems, crucial for maintaining high safety and professionalism standards.


Educational Resources and Support

Explore our website for detailed course descriptions and resources to guide your aviation education journey. Our team, together with Ikaros Aviation Training, is committed to providing the best training experience, ensuring you acquire the knowledge and skills to excel in your career.


Take the Next Step in Your Career

In summary, Trans Global Training’s Bombardier General Familiarisation Courses, in partnership with Ikaros Aviation Training, offer an unparalleled opportunity to enhance understanding of Bombardier systems and stay current with industry innovations. Enroll today and embark on a journey towards a more successful and rewarding career in the aviation industry.