Embraer Continuation & Refresher Courses

Embraer Technical Continuation Training & Refresher Courses

Upgrade Your Skills with Trans Global and Ikaros Aviation Training

Trans Global Training partners with Ikaros Aviation Training, an EASA approved Part 147 organization. We offer comprehensive Embraer Technical Continuation and Refresher Training courses. Our self-study online courses provide in-depth understanding of transport category aircraft systems, covering all ATA chapters in ATA 100 format. For Part 147 certificates of completion, contact us before purchase.


Embraer Technical Continuation Training – Engaging Learning Experience

Our courses meet ATA 104 Level 1 and EASA Part 66 Level 1 minimum requirements. We use engaging visuals for easy comprehension. By participating, students develop a solid foundation in aircraft systems, becoming more competent professionals.


Embraer Technical Continuation Training – Stay Updated with Innovations

We include the latest innovations in aviation, such as cutting-edge hydrogen power and state-of-the-art avionic systems. Consequently, students stay well-versed in recent industry advancements.


Designed for Technical Staff

Our training courses cater to various technical staff, including engineers, technicians, mechanics, and technical services personnel. In addition, our programs fulfill the recurrent training needs of aviation professionals, meeting EASA regulation 145.A.35 and FAA 145.163 requirements.


Convenient Online Learning

Trans Global Training offers a convenient way for Quality Departments to meet EASA Part 145.A.35 requirements. Our courses ensure that certifying and support staff have an adequate understanding of relevant aircraft systems, maintaining high safety and professionalism standards.


Explore, Learn, and Grow

Find detailed course descriptions and resources on our website to guide your advanced aviation education journey. Our team, in collaboration with Ikaros Aviation Training, commits to providing the best training experience, helping you excel in your career.

In conclusion, our Embraer Technical Continuation and Refresher Training courses offer an unparalleled opportunity for aviation professionals. Partnering with Ikaros Aviation Training, we help enhance your understanding of aircraft systems and stay current with industry innovations. Enroll in our self-study online courses today, advance your career, and contribute to the overall safety and success of the aviation sector.