Trans Global Training Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

1. Do I need a PayPal account to buy your courses?

You do not need to have a PayPal account to buy our courses, you can use a regular debit or credit card to pay. We use PayPal as our payment gateway which means the payment processing is handled on their site for security and ease.


2. How quickly can I get started?

Our system is virtually instant, once your payment is received you’ll be able to access your courses, so you can sign up whenever you want too; weekdays, evenings, weekends, even during holiday times.


3. How long should I allow for my training?

Our courses vary in length and people’s abilities and knowledge vary too, so it’s impossible to be specific, but you can take breaks and pick up again where you left off, so you can break courses down into smaller sessions if you like.


4. What if I don’t pass first time?

Great news, all resits are free. If you don’t pass then you can still return to the training course to brush up on your knowledge.


5. How long will my courses be available to me?

All TGT courses remain available to you for 3 months.


6. I’m not too familiar with computers, will I be able to do online training?

Our courses are very intuitive and do not require and special skills


7. How do I get my certificate when I pass?

When you successfully complete your end of course exam you will be able to download your unique serialised certificate as a PDF. Simply save this to your computer and print it off whenever you need it.


8. Can I buy courses for another person?

You can buy for someone else, please just make sure you sign up using their name as that will be the information we need to use for the certificates at the end – but obviously you will need to use your personal information for the payment stage.


9. Can I buy courses for several people?

Just contact us about our Volume Purchase Plan (VPP). Our VPP is where we can electronically invoice you and upon payment we then issue coupon codes which you pass to your colleagues. Your colleagues then use the coupon codes to access our courses and get started. The advantage of this method is the individual enters their own details, which is far easier for the program manager. This method works well for clients with rolling training requirements too as you can simply call or email us to request more codes.

Depending upon your specific needs, if you contact us during UK office hours we can usually have your VPP set up and running in around an hour, which is great if you need a ‘just in time’ training solution.


10. I’ve paid but my course hasn’t shown in my account?

Our system is virtually instant, once your payment is received you should be able to access your training. However due to the nature of the technology in rare instances there may be a delay. If so, please allow up to 30 minutes for your courses to be added, if after 30 minutes you are still having issues please contact us.


11. I have another question that you’ve not addressed here.


We’ll be more than happy to help you – to get in touch during UK office hours simply call us on +44 7876 595113 or +44 7803 131810 on either mobile phone or WhatsApp, or email [email protected] at any time.