Refresher / Continuation Courses

Trans Global Training’s technical continuation & refresher courses provide students with a complete technical overview of all aircraft systems in ATA 100 format, with all ATA chapters covered. The course knowledge levels are a minimum of ATA 104 level 1 and EASA part 66 level 1. Colourful images, illustrations and diagrams are used to make the course interesting and easy to understand.

As many aviation authorities are now requiring up to date knowledge of relevant technology, the course also covers the latest innovations in aviation, such as hydrogen power and the latest avionic systems.

The courses are aimed at all technical stall, either engineers, technicians, mechanics or technical services staff and are designed to meet the requirement for continuation training under EASA regulation 145.A.35 and FAA 145.163 requirements for recurrent training.


Our online refresher courses provide a method for Quality Departments to allow engineers regain a company CRS by satisfying the requirements of EASA Part 145.A.35 ‘ …the organisation shall ensure that certifying staff and support staff have an adequate understanding of the relevant aircraft..’ Please see course descriptions for further information.